Civilized Productions


Welcome to Civilized Productions.  We are based in Toronto and are developing both television shows and feature films that appeal to specific audiences today - people who enjoy compelling entertainment.  These stories will focus on heroes and their heroic acts, whether battling with swords or guns, or battling the elements, or battling against a corporate world.

We also intend to develop a roster of talent and manage their individual grant of rights on a global level.  We will create a roster of celebrities.  We will direct and enhance their careers, and ensure success.

Our branded content is geared to both home theatres and silver screens, but will direct traffic to complementary online offerings.  Our websites will collect information about our visitors and their passions, enabling us to target new productions in the future effectively and efficiently.

We will communicate with our audiences, whether on the web, or by email or wirelessly.  Our messages will be personality-driven, who will endorse our sponsors products, while on speaking tours or on their own websites.  We will launch English-language productions initially, but will secure partners to exploit our model in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese in the future.

Our teams will review scripts in the realms of sports, travel, history and music.  Some may in fact overlay each other as we profile unique people and their interests.  We are interested in what motivates people, as people like you and I have existed for over a 100,000 years.  We are funding a weekly television series called Before The Egyptians and a full-length feature film, Columbus Had A Map.

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