Given the anticipated popularity of our programs, our marketing personnel would then be responsible for negotiating supplier rights with strategic partners, such as tourist boards, chambers of commerce and hotel associations. There are also opportunities being explored at the local level with tour guides and smaller businesses that need promotion targeting international travellers.

Our production crews will visit exotic and revered places on all continents to acquire footage for our broadcast and distribution partners. They will shoot on land, in the air and underwater. Thus, by example, regional businesses (whether scuba dive or hot air balloon operations and their staffs) will be highlighted and promoted in exchange for their equipment, knowledge and experience in general.

A sampling of our destination partners on the ground will include private attractions, wineries, breweries, car rental agencies, restaurants, airlines, rail and ferry systems, taxi companies, clothiers and, most importantly, hotels.

Additionally, complementing our offering, we will provide each participating partner a fully edited overview clip, which can be: emailed to customers directly, sent digitally, streamed, and distributed directly to audiences on a CPM or CPA basis.

Furthermore, our post-production teams will produce on-demand streaming packages, focused on the destination overall which may be used to reach travel agents or given away at trade shows and conferences. These unique packages can likewise be sold on a wholesale level to local businesses targeting tourists who visit the area.

Intended destination locations include:

  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Japan
  • Malta
  • Great Britain


We will effectively reach various segmented and targeted audiences globally. In addition to the media channels (television, online and DVD), we will provide fully integrated communication platforms to maximise these audiences.

International Advertising and Public Relations activities comprise these integrated communication platforms, which will cross all media:

  • Television
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Direct
  • Online


Our communication teams will execute programs on an individual case-by-case basis, which will efficiently be conducted nationally, regionally and locally. For instance, our publicists will contact news editors in each territory:

  • Monthly Lifestyle Magazines
  • Industry Trade Magazines
  • Weekly Urban Magazines
  • Daily Newspapers
  • University & College Publications


These activities and campaigns will obviously support our own distribution partners’ efforts cross-media.

As we enter our product into distribution channels, we anticipate that labels supplying music for our shows and used as soundtrack material would make natural co-branded partners – especially those releasing indigenous compilations, for example.

These branded television shows will direct millions of viewers to our website and upon arriving at our site we will mine and profile their data. Consumers will be segmented according to buying preferences, and sent opt-in messages related to the personal purchase decision processes. People watching history shows will be asked if they would like to purchase advance tickets to a feature film we intend to produce, or take an actual trip to a featured location, while also being offered a car rental or travel insurance, or whether they’d like the music CD.