Civilized Productions is an integrated venture, as its function is to manage various aspects of the business plan which fall into the following categories:

  1. Filmed Entertainment (broadcast and streaming rights)
  2. Publishing (book rights, newspaper and magazine articles)
  3. Audio Entertainment (podcasts and downloads)
  4. Hard Goods (games and licensed merchandise)
  5. Online Advertisements (in-stream graphics and commercials)
  6. Content Distribution (asset management and delivery)
  7. Promotional Outreach (tours: people and artefacts)
  8. Celebrity Management (product placement and endorsement)
  9. Destination Travel Packaging (operators and wholesalers)
  10. Data Mining (audience profiling and segmentation)


In order to develop a catalogue of treatments, over the past decade Civilized Productions, intrigued and stimulated by reports of ancient structures that encircle this planet, has independently researched many important sites and has created a television series: Before The Egyptians, having also spoken with many academics in the field, as well as authors, private researchers and like-minded individuals to ascertain the validity of certain theories of ancient human history.

These endeavours have been self-financed; and covered all related production, equipment costs and travel expenses to date. At present, investors and partners are being sought to not only produce requisite pilot shows but also to meet with agents and new broadcasters in several foreign territories. Please also see Templar Treasure.

To grow and succeed, we will establish and launch an independent film studio, a production company capable of delivering quality content over time, that will immediately begin acquiring and developing a library of proprietary content upon capitalisation. Additionally, as a template for global distributors, we intend to produce a biographical series called This Is A True Story and launch a companion website to promote its introduction to Canadian viewers.