Welcome to Civilized Productions. Based in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), we intend to develop television shows and feature films that appeal to people who enjoy compelling entertainment. These stories will focus on heroes and their brave acts, whether their battles engage with swords, guns, the elements, or against a corporate world.

Our branded content is geared to screens of all sizes, but will direct traffic to complementary online offerings. Our websites will collect information about our visitors and their passions, enabling us to target new productions in the future effectively and efficiently.

No matter how we communicate with our audiences, our messages will be personality-driven; viewers will endorse our sponsors products – both digitally and in the real world. Our initial productions will usually be launched in English, but growth will eventually enable us to secure partners and expand our business model in French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic languages in the future (to name but a few).

Our teams will read and review diverse scripts in the realms of sports, travel, history and entertainment. Some may, in fact, overlay each other as we profile unique people and their impact. We are interested in what motivates – and has motivated – people throughout our 100,000 year history. There are many stories to tell.

Two of our initial offerings are a weekly television series titled, Before The Egyptians and a full-length feature film, Columbus Had A Map

Please visit our Television page to view an array of content ideas, and from these we would then develop films based on the personalities we uncover and their unique story that needs to be told.

Founder: Graeme Boyce

A corporate strategist and published author, with a successful 25+ year career in the management of people, companies and brands, Graeme Boyce is a skilled communicator who can bridge the gap between investors and new ventures. For more than two decades, he has been writing business plans, executing strategies, consulting and assisting owners to take several ventures public.

As a trained communicator, Boyce can speak as effectively at the board level, as on the shop floor, and is also quite comfortable presenting at trade shows and in front of the camera. Given his lengthy marketing background, Boyce is a strong proponent (and creator) of brand guidelines, which are critical to the success of any company or venture – especially one that is growing and has the global market as its goal. For a more comprehensive look, read this.