Introduction: Recognizing an increasing demand at the broadcaster level today being generated from a renewed public interest in ancient history, Civilized Productions will send its crews to locations around the world to acquire and package footage for large and segmented television audiences, expanded with additional content streamed online and provided also in DVD format.

Brand: Our product will conform to a set of guidelines that are not rigid in the sense of rules, but will certainly ensure the success and profitability of our line, and its extensions in years to come. Our shows will look and certain way, and sound a certain way. They will adhere to our essential attributes, in order to deliver entertainment that is provocative yet mainstream, informative and undeniable. Our messages will be consistent, appealing to both an intelligent and curious audience.

Audience: We will produce and market product to an audience who appreciate a compelling argument. Our product will target the millions of people who are purchasing tickets to see recent movies such as Gladiator, Troy, Arthur, Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven, who are buying books from popular authors like Graham Hancock and Dan Brown, as well as best-selling video games Age of Empires and Civilization.

On-Location: Supported by professional administrative, marketing and post-production teams, our talented on-location production crews will shoot footage in accordance with our cost schedules and brand guidelines. Directed by a producer, per an approved script, videographers will capture digital footage, while audio technicians ensure appropriate recording levels and assume additional duties, and rounding out our the crew are on-camera personalities.

Broadcasters: Our potential broadcast partners, both traditional and new digital channels, will license product from us that will be produced intending to reach varied yet defined audiences, as well as in different languages. Broadcast rights will be determined and assigned on a territory-by-territory basis.

Revenue: Ancillary revenue streams will be generated on a B2B and B2C level. In the former, for instance, we will supply partners with content to use on their own websites to promote their own businesses, as well as assigning product placement rights. Regarding the latter, we will supply and sell properly branded merchandise (from board games to t-shirts) to fans of our shows, driven by the on-camera hosts, who will also offer travel tips and wine/food reviews.


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